Thursday, July 23, 2015

PPH: Under The Sea! Merchant APPLICATION!

❥Poppin' Penguin Hunt!: Under The Sea! Edition.
                                            Starts:  ❥  August 24th - September 30th. 2015

            ❥HUNT THEME: Under the Sea.  Objects must have Sea related items. Fish, Mermaids, Coral, Seaweed, etc.
✎IF ACCEPTED, YOU will receive an Acceptance pack and ASK for an invite! We WILL reply to everyone's needs. We don't ignore anyone.


✎Please fill out the following and send it back to SAIILYNN RESIDENT in a NC (Note card) In world with the title of:
PPH: UTS- (Store Name)- ( YOUR NAME)

✎What is your Stores name:

✎Your SL Name:

✎Todays Date:

✎Store Landmark:

✎Store SLURL:

✎Can you make an item that is for both Genders or Unisex? (MUST DO): 

✎What do you plan on making for the hunt?: ( Outfit, Furniture, skin, Toys, ETC) 

✎In case of an Emergency and your M.I.A, Who is someone you trust to help you out?:

✎Who do you want to receive the Acceptance Pack?(Check the box.)
[ ]Store Owner
[ ]Other: ______________

✎Whos Name do you want to be in the Hunt Group?(Check the box.)
[ ]Store Owner
[ ]Other: ______________

❥Thank you for taking the time to Fill this out,
Saiilynn will visit your store in the next 48 hours or so to check things out.


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